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The focus of the swim clinic is on the vital aspect of the freestyle stroke – the underwater high elbow position that is the source of propulsion for a swimmer.  The clinic begins with an out-of-water classroom and Q & A session, and is then followed by a dryland and in-water swim session. Attendees will learn what it means to “feel” the water as well as how to develop the strength and flexibility that is required for fast swimming.

See up close the smallest swimmer to win Olympic Gold since the 1920 Olympics – this is living proof that technique is more important than size in swimming.  Sheila teaches with understanding, passion, and laughter.  Not only is the time spent informative, but it is fun and about more than just swimming…. it is about the thought processes that make champions.

THE OPTIONS:  Bring Sheila to your team (domestic or international), or check website regularly for the next scheduled clinic location.

GROUP TYPE:  age group swimmers, masters swimmers, collegiate teams, and triathletes.  Sessions may be scheduled for intermediate/advanced and beginners.

DURATION OF CLINIC:  2 Hours (adjustable depending on facility availability and group’s request).

SIZE OF CLINIC:  preferably 20 swimmers or fewer per session so that individual stroke attention may be given (flexible depending on group’s needs).  Multiple sessions may be scheduled.

COST OF CLINIC:  please contact us to inquire.

OTHER:  Sheila’s book on freestyle swim technique, Swim Speed Secrets, available for purchase and author signing at clinic.  Swim tubing for dryland training also available for purchase. Triathlon groups may request sessions on transition skills, open water skills, and/or run/bike training.