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Halo Swim Training System –
(Halo bench and Sports Vector Tubing with SPHandle) by Lane Gainer Sports

Aquaman Wetsuits –
Aquaman wetsuits are superior to any wetsuit on the market.  I wore Aquaman at the 2000 and 2004 Olympic Games where I led out of the water both times, as well as the world championships in 2004 that I won, leading out of the water by over 30 seconds. Get an Aquaman wetsuit and feel the difference.

Elite Bicycles –
Philadelphia based American manufacturer of high performance, custom built and painted racing bicycles, specializing in testing, positioning and education.

Rain Catchers –
Raincatchers has a mission that makes a difference in the everyday lives of people in Haiti ~ to bring them clean drinking water.  Check out their website.  We should never take life’s blessings for granted, especially the most seemingly simple and expected such as clean drinking water.  Also check out to learn that for every Flippers book sold (on my website or on the Flippers website) a donation is made to Raincatchers.  My swim coach’s daughter goes with her church on mission trips for Raincatchers.  That is how I learned about them.  One day I hope to go with her!

Ocean Recovery Alliance –
A few years ago I saw a news piece about the huge island of plastic waste floating in the Pacific Ocean.  It was startling.  Then, while in Hong Kong coaching a swim clinic I met Doug Woodring and learned about The Ocean Recovery Alliance. I really admire the people like Doug who take on the challenge to change our world for the better.  Each little step makes an impact.  I still use too much plastic, but at least a little effort here and there to think about consumption and disposal can make a difference.  Check out their website, and put this one on your radar.

International Swimming Hall of Fame –
Since swimming has been intertwined with a great number of experiences in my life, the preservation of its history and the efforts to share its benefits (health and safety) with as many people as possible make The International Swimming Hall Of Fame a natural fit for my website. ISHOF has just come out with one of the best devices for safety I have ever seen….the ISHOF SafeSwimmer.  See the description below taken directly from their website.  If you are an open-water swimmer or a triathlete who trains some sessions in open water, never take a chance on safety.  Never!  Please.  Not only does the SafeSwimmer provide the convenience of keeping personal items dry, but also and more importantly it makes a swimmer more visible in open water and also can be a lifesaving device for a swimmer in trouble. I never take a chance around water, from simple habits such as swimming with a buddy, to never diving into open water head first, to calling my dad to sit at my house when I swam in my Endless Pool.  Simple precautions save lives.  Be safe. And be sure to visit the International Swimming Hall of Fame next time you’re near Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The ISHOF SafeSwimmer Device visibly floats behind a swimmer in open bodies of water. The device is easily pulled along by the swimmer and can hold one’s valuables (e.g., wallet, money, mobile phone, shoes, towel) as well as be used in emergencies as a flotation device. The brightly colored device is also easily visible by lifeguards and boaters and windsurfers on the water.