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When the first shot was fired at the modern pentathlon competition at the Olympic Games in Beijing, Sheila Taormina made history. She became the only woman ever to qualify and compete in three distinctly different sports in different Olympiads. Numerous challenges accompanied this venture, challenges Sheila knew were there – that she had only three years to learn 3 of the 5 sports in the pentathlon, that she would be just months shy of her 40th birthday in Beijing, and that her small size would, once again, not play to her advantage. Amidst these challenges, Sheila set out to shatter the paradigms, and now you have the opportunity to hear her message, one that is filled with laughter, intensity, honesty, passion and compassion. Learn about the plan that enabled an ordinary person to achieve extraordinary results.

Sheila’s keynote presentation to businesses includes explanations of various performance tools and thought processes, including breaking paradigms, applying the Pareto Principle, establishing the keys to success, focusing on the process, managing performance pressures, and more.

At school assemblies and other youth organization events Sheila shares insights into the Olympics and behind-the-scene stories from the Games. She encourages healthy bodies, good posture, and strong minds – revealing the tools that help to manage nerves and deal with disappointment.  Her most important message woven throughout the presentation is how to develop the spirit to keep working towards one’s dreams without giving up.

A sampling of Sheila’s corporate clients include The New York Times, Motorola, Walt Disney World, Merrill Lynch, UPS, Nextel, and The Washington Post.  Her keynote speech is also ideal for sports banquets, expos, and community events. Length of time for talk is flexible according to the group’s needs.